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30s Passo Mte. Croce Carnico

How everything began ...

In the difficult economic times after World War II, Felice Malattia decided to set up a small snack station at the pass.

​He served wine, bread, mortadella and a few other sausages.

The food was packed in backpacks, the wine bottled in large bottles in the traditional fiasco basket and everything had to be brought up to the pass by bike every day.

The first guests of the post-war snack bar were the English occupation soldiers and Italian customs and police officers, who served here on the border.

In the 60's and 70's Italy became the most popular holiday destination for the German and Austrian tourists and the Plöckenpass was one of the most frequented passes over the Alps for the journey to the south.

And when with the economic boom also tourism began, and time had come to expand. Later, in the 80's, an extension was added then the bar was rebuilt and recently the terrace has been adapted to the needs of the smokers.

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